Dynamic Artists Management, LLC

Has provided management and booking services for an eclectic music artist clientele since 1999. Founder and President Brad Stewart has worked in virtually every part of the industry and has been involved with rock, blues, R&B, jazz, funk, world, reggae and pop artists as a booking agent and manager. Experience and passion are the two foundations that Dynamic Artists Management is built on, offering potential clients a go-getting work ethic and personal attention that they wouldn’t get elsewhere. Dynamic Artists Management covers an array of performance venues. The company is advantaged by its diverse connections in the music industry, allowing DAM to keep an eye on the big picture, offering its artists and promoters more opportunities and creative ideas.

Brad Stewart

President/Artist Management/Special Projects/Agent - International


Brad first became interested in the music business when he was a young percussionist. He played in a variety of bands and performed almost every style of music imaginable: rock, country, punk, Dixieland, jazz, symphony and marching. “I already knew I wanted to get into the music business somehow. I also knew I didn’t want to kill myself as a player, because I knew it was tough.”

After graduating from San Francisco State University he applied for an internship at De Leon Artists. “I wanted to work on the artist side of things. I didn’t want to work for a label or a distribution company. I have nothing against them, but I wanted to be an agent or a manager or work in concert production. I really have a fascination with the whole production of putting on a show and all the facets that need to come together to actually make a show happen: the logistics of getting there, making sure the band is treated well, staging, getting ticket holders in and out safely, the whole nine yards. I wanted the ability to bring all those people together and to do something every day that makes people feel good when they come to a show and hear the music they love. In the long run it’s about the show. Ultimately, music is about live performance.”

Next was joining Absolute Artists in 1992. Absolute’s clients included George Clinton, Rickie Lee Jones, the late LaVern Baker and Link Wray, Dick Dale, Savoy Brown, Cake and Fastball to name but a few.

Stewart founded Dynamic Artists Management, LLC while he was still at Absolute Artists. His first management client was Adrian Legg. Stewart continued to develop Dynamic Artists Management, LLC and work for Absolute Artists until 2001, when The Agency Group (now United Talent Agency) bought Absolute. Stewart decided to focus completely on management until joining The Rosebud Agency in 2002 as an agent. “After a year and a half at Rosebud, I realized that being solely an agent was not truly where my heart lied. That’s when I went back to management. I was trying to do management and booking for my clients that didn’t have agents, and it was too overwhelming to do both at the same time, so I brought in another agent, Dave Meyer in February 2008.”

Dave Meyer

Agent - Rockies, Midwest, Northeast and Arkansas


Dave joined Dynamic Artists Management, LLC in February 2008 and is the booking agent for the territory east of the Mississippi. Originally from the Chicago area, Dave graduated from Columbia College Chicago in May 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in Arts, Entertainment & Media Management with a concentration in Music Business. Prior to joining Dynamic Artists Management, LLC, Dave spent time working for De Leon Artists and then Blind Pig Records in Chicago, all while finding the time to see some of the world’s best blues acts while working as a doorman for Buddy Guy’s Legends in Chicago.

Michael Kelley

Agent - West Coast, Southwest, Southeast and Pennsylvania

Michael Kelley has been in the music and entertainment business for close to 30 years. He got his start in 1989 at the age of 18 as an assistant talent buyer for legendary Houston TX live music club Fitzgeralds. From there he moved on to Austin TX for school where he landed a job at the world-renowned Cannibal Club. That position in turn led to his first agency job at JCL Productions, a middle-agent booking regional runs for the likes of 2 Live Crew, Missy Elliott, Ice-T’s Body Count, Sir Mix-A-Lot and more. It was there that he found a little band out of the San Francisco Bay area called Green Day in 1992. He moved to the Bay Area to work with them as well as many of their contemporaries under the banner of The KGB Agency until 1999 when he joined up with Brad Stewart and Bruce Solar at Absolute Artists, the agency for such luminaries as Cake, Rickie Lee Jones, George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, Fastball, and many more.

Absolute Artists was sold to The Agency Group (now United Talent) in 2001, and Michael decided to start his own agency again, this time back in Texas. He ran that agency representing many artists from the heavier side of the musical spectrum for the next 9 years before leaving the music business altogether in 2010 to pursue other interests.


In 2019, feeling the itch to get back into the business he once loved, Michael opened up UTR Agency, this time with a strong focus on The Performing Arts, Folk, Americana, Blues, Jazz, Soul and Jamband genres. It was at that agency that he had the honor of representing  the likes of Jack Tempchin, Jimbo Mathus, Jazz Is Phsh, Jeffrey Gaines, Tom Wopat, Bo Bice, The Hunts, Erin McKeown, Billy Gilman, The Last Poets, Billy Joel’s legendary band The Lords of 52nd Street and many more. He soon reconnected with former Absolute Artists colleague Brad Stewart who had been running Dynamic Artists for many years and, after a series of discussions, came to the decision to move his business into the Dynamic Artist Management fold.