Four Guitars




Considered the father of acoustic instrumental music, Will Ackerman has spawned three generations of acoustic guitarists and pianists through his groundbreaking work as founder of Windham Hill Records.

The new-age music pioneer and guitarists Trevor Gordon Hall, Todd Mosby and Vin Downes will perform solo, duet, trio and quartet and then unite at the end of this intimate concert.

Todd Mosby, an absolutely brilliant guitarist who plays a wide variety of styles, but is considerably influenced by the music of India will be on stage, as will Trevor Gordon Hall who is THE young phenom out there today… while incredibly dynamic as a performer his music is never about simple gymnastics… this guy is all about heart.

Vin Downes is a brilliant guitarist and a heart-felt composer. He is one of the best and most soulful guitarists drawing breath on the planet today. And, yes, they’re allowing me to play too ! I just squeaked in, but managed to make the team! These are all musicians I’ve been honored to produce. This will be as good a night of guitar playing as you could hope for. I know I’m very much looking forward to it! – WILL ACKERMAN

More than 40 years ago guitarist Will Ackerman started what would become a massive world-wide movement known as Windham Hill Records. This label would go on to ignite a new music genre inspiring millions of people, including the select players on this album. Having produced legends such as Michael Hedges, Alex DeGrassi and more, Will also produced the three players joining him on this album. These individual projects led to discussions of future collaboration. In the late summer of 2018, Will, Vin Downes, Todd Mosby and Trevor Gordon Hall gathered together at Imaginary Road Studios in Vermont to record together. With a natural synergy between the players and engineer Tom Eaton at the helm, there was complete trust that this would be a special project. The recordings that resulted from this meeting of minds far exceeded expectations. The sessions captured many delicate and often unplanned moments, pushing each contributor in new directions. The end product is an exciting mixture of solos, duets, trios and quartets. This rare and intimate collaboration between friends honors the aesthetic and vitality that Will Ackerman pioneered with Windham Hill all those years ago.

“This is beautiful music. It takes me back to the best part of the 1980’s, when instrumental music was alive and part of the cultural consciousness. These four musicians have captured the spirit of that time, with writing and playing that engages the mind and heart. Bravo ‘Four Guitars’!” – ANDREW YORK

“Four very talented men who truly love guitars making wonderful music together. The playing on this album is beautiful.” – DAVID CROSBY

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