brothers of the baladi2008 Grammy nominated quartet Brothers of the Baladi has adapted traditional Middle Eastern music to create a new hybrid style of World Music.

Using traditional Middle Eastern instruments (oud, saz, mizmar, midjwiz, doumbek, riq, def, bendir and davul) along with guitar, bass and drum kit, the group combines exotic rhythms with familiar grooves and vocals in eight languages (Arabic, Turkish, Farsi, Armenian, Spanish, Berber, French and English) to create unique and highly rhythmic dance music. The Brothers have been blazing World Music trails around the globe for over three decades.

“A sound that knows no borders.” LA Times

Bandleader, drummer and vocalist Michael Beach founded Brothers of the Baladi in 1975, backing up belly dancers in Yuma, Arizona. In 1978, a random encounter put Beach on stage at The Vancouver BC Folk Festival performing with world famous Composer/Conductor David Amram – a life-changing experience for Beach. That same year, Beach relocated to Oregon where he teamed up with the late Joseph Pusey. They toured the US and Canada, developing a huge following and releasing three well-loved belly dance albums: Dance with Gladness (1982), Food of Love (1983) and Beyond the Tenth (1989). In 1980, with dancer Leo Deflambeaux, they created and built the original infamous Gypsy Stage at the Oregon Country Fair. In 1989 they added bass guitarist J. Michael Kearsey to their emerging global rock sound.

“The real deal; a fresh take on an ancient idea“ Beat Magazine

In 1992 Beach released Basic Middle Eastern Rhythms, the first instructional video of Middle Eastern drums ever marketed. He continues to be a very popular clinician, giving Middle Eastern/World Music workshops all over the

Their 1995 Eye on the World CD was produced by Santana drummer Michael Shrieve. It includes their Middle Eastern-inflected version of The Rolling Stonesʼ Paint it Black heard on NPR Radio. The bandʼs Grammy nominated 2008 CD, Just Do Whatʼs Right features Baladi-fied versions of Buffalo Springfieldʼs For What its Worth, Neil Youngʼs Rockinʼ in the Free World and Chris Rheaʼs Nothing to Fear. The CD also includes six Middle Eastern-ized rock originals, along with classic Arabic, Persian and North African songs.

The Brothers have 11 CDs distributed exclusively in retail outlets and digitally by Allegro Media. Averaging 6000 downloads per month, Brothers of the Baladiʼs music has been featured on TVʼs Lost (ABC) and Sexual Healing
(Showtime). Core Cultureʼs (USA Network) Holy Family of Egyptʼs Jesus in Egypt, also featuring the Brothers music, premiered in Cairo and is heard by millions on The TBN Channel. On the radio, Baladi music can be heard on XM,
NPR Radio, Thom Hartmannʼs Air America programs and an extensive list of radio stations around the world. The Brothers credits also include soundtracks for the Tony Award winning Oregon Shakespeareʼs Midsummer Nightʼs Dream and Comedy of Errors, live theater for Kismet and Inside Outʼs One, featured music for Quest for Immortality – Treasures of Ancient Egypt and soundtracks for over fifty Middle Eastern belly dance videos.

“If world peace is going to come it will be because of the talent and devotion of people like The Brothers. Be at the forefront of the wave that breaks barriers and begins the peace process while enjoying a great groove“
New Times San Luis Obispo, CA

The current band lineup includes Michael Beach fronting the band on lead vocals, doumbek, riq, def, bendir, mizmar, midjwiz and davul, J. Michael Kearsey on vocals and electric bass, Clark Salisbury on oud, baglama saz,
guitars and vocals and Fred Ingram on drums. Whether they are teaching music workshops, providing sound tracks for movies and TV shows, performing and recording both traditional Middle Eastern music and their ʻBaladi Blendʼ of World Music, or rockinʼ out audiences on festival stages around the world, Michael Beach and Brothers of the Baladi continue to embrace the true meaning of World Music.

“Infectiously danceable – will lure congregates to the dance floor, seats of chairs and even table tops” Artvoice Buffalo, NY